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we create devices of tomorrow
Projektowanie elektroniki, Produkcja elektroniki

Our company specializes in comprehensive performance of projects in the fields of electronics and automation. We are successfully operating since 2003.

Comprehensive services

   To meet the needs of our customers we comprehensively execute orders entrusted to us from device design through prototyping, certification  and to final production.

producent elektroniki
interfejs pojemnościowy
Modern technologies
             - Proximity and Touch Interfaces

     Since 2007, we specialize in designing and manufacturing touch and proximity interfaces. We are up to date with new technologies so our customers receive the product unique, modern and at reasonable price.

Own machinery park and cooperation
with proven subcontractors

   For many years, we have built our machinery park and large base of specialized and reliable subcontractors, ensuring the quality and reliability of products developed by us.

interfejs pojemnościowy
interfejs pojemnościowy
High quality and atracttive prices.

    Large volume of orders that we take as a manufacturer of drivers allowed us to get very attractive prices from the world's leading suppliers of electronic components.
This ensures that the device manufactured by us will be attractively priced and built with high-quality components..

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